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Macro Mania for Windows

Save time by automating your computer usage

Whether you are looking for a personal productivity tool or, like many of our corporate customers, need a powerful, reliable program to automate tasks in a professional environment, Macro Mania is your solution. Quite simply, Macro Mania will save you time and money.

Easily create macros that perform tasks based on the data on the screen, the information in files, or the existance of a file or a window. Macro Mania also has built-in file commands that can read, copy, delete, move, rename, and create files.

Use Macro Mania's friendly point-and-click interface to launch macros, or you can use hotkeys to launch macros while you are viewing another program. With hotkeys, you can quickly fill out online forms, create signatures, or otherwise launch a macro without switching to the Macro Mania application itself.

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Macro Mania


Macro Mania

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    "Saves me an enormous amount of time". I've used this product for about 10 years and have always meant to write a review. In the past dMore